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Public Tours

We Are All Turning ’21 Again!

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We are looking ahead to next year and planning for our tours and activities. You can expect both traditional and new ways to connect to our local breweries, wineries, and distilleries. We know that it will be a great year to be Turning ’21 again!…

Thirsty Travelers Are Finding Their Way to Portland This Year For Beer

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After resuming limited tour operations in mid-July, The Maine Brew Bus shared that over 800 guests safely enjoyed their small-capacity historic walking tours this year to visit locally-owned businesses in Portland.  The company, which marked its eighth anniversary on Labor Day, made a decision to leave all of their buses parked for the time being….

Brewery Tours Are In The Air This Fall In Portland, Maine

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Our open-air offerings have proven to be very popular over the past couple of months with nearly 400 guests joining us in traveling nearly 800 miles on our walking tours alone. Several hundred additional guests have also been connected directly to our partners who are offering biking tours as well as boat-based activities. Now that…

Tour Gift Cards for The Maine Brew Bus


This time of year everyone is searching for the perfect gifts to give. Don’t stress about the proper size, style, or color. We’ve got something ready to go that will quench the thirst of the adventurous soul – gift cards for a future tour on the Maine Brew Bus! Why Should I Buy Maine Brew…

Tours for the Cruise Ship Visitor to Portland


There are 100 visits by cruise ships planned for Portland this year, bringing up to 150,000 new visitors to experience Portland for a handful of hours. We have designed several tour times that are perfect for these short-term visits, and now we have them matched up to each cruise ship visit through the rest of…

Take a Look at our Summer 2019 Tour Schedule


Once again, we have been hard at work updating our tour schedule for the summer and fall seasons here in Maine. But the effort has paid off, with up to 35 different tour itineraries available each week! Take a look at our new schedule which is now on sale through the end of October. When we…

7 Reasons To Take A Brew Bus Tour


We know that our pricing may seem high to some people in order to visit the many breweries, wineries, and distilleries around the area. We hear the objections every day from people who are only looking at pricing instead of the full scope of what we are delivering. So what do you really get for…

How many of Maine’s Top 25 Beers of 2018 can be found on our tours?


Our friends at the website Beer This Week recently ran an end-of-year survey for what people think were the Top 25 Beers in Maine for 2018. The results show how many you can learn about and taste on our various tours. This annual survey is certainly a popularity contest.  It is not supposed to Maine’s…

What’s New This Summer on The Maine Brew Bus


We have changed a lot of things on our tours for the busy season here in Maine.  It truly would be much easier on us to not make so many changes. But we ask our guests, staff, and partners for feedback on our tours and schedules with an eye for us to make improvements. We…

Our new Northern Exposure tour shows you great beer north of Portland


Many of our tours are designed around the craft breweries that are located right around Portland. But our new Northern Exposure tour heads north of Portland to check out this up and coming beer scene. We are so excited about this new tour that we are bringing back a favorite name that has not been…