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  • 7 People Max
  • Three Different Routes


Walk, talk, and taste your way through historic Portland, Maine.

Quick Details

Map Marker Old Port Pickup & Drop-off Location: Old Port Spirits and Cigars

Map Marker East Bayside Pickup & Drop-off Location: Brewery Extrava

Map Marker Industrial Way Pickup & Drop-off Location: Spare Time Recreation

Adult-East Bayside and IndustriALE Way Ages 21+
Adult-Old Port Ages 21+
Small Group Private Tour (per person - includes gratuity) Up to 6 people


First founded in 1632, Portland’s location along the sea has always been its strength.

The harbor is actually situated on a tidal river so it does not freeze. That makes Portland the closest, sheltered, deepwater, ice-free harbor to Europe on the East Coast. This has led to tremendous growth in the city based on the maritime shipping and fishing industries, and later with the railroads that connected Portland to locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Portland has suffered more than its share of devastating fires, with the most significant coming in 1866. Each time, Portland has rebuilt, and by showing its resilience it has earned the motto Resurgam (I will rise again) and the city symbol of the Phoenix.

And Portland has had a tumultuous relationship over its history with alcohol. Leading up to the 1850’s, all of Portland was fueled by New England Style rum which was made from molasses shipped in from warmer climates. But Portland is also the birthplace of Prohibition, with temperance crusader Neal Dow leading the charge and gaining momentum after penning the Maine Law which made Maine the first dry state in 1851.

The City of Portland saw the first craft brewery to be established in all of New England, Geary Brewing Company (1983).  It welcomed Gritty McDuff’s (1988) as they opened their doors in the Old Port to become the first brewpub in the state. It witnessed the dramatic rise of Shipyard Brewing Company (1992) to be one of the county’s largest brewing enterprises that now spans well beyond the U.S. to shores far away. The world-renowned Belgian-influenced Allagash Brewing Company (1995) is also found within the city limits. Sebago Brewing Company (1998) counts Portland as one of their five locations serving their delicious beer along with amazing food. Even one of the world’s only brewery-distillery-restaurants was formed on Portland’s waterfront once Liquid Riot (2011) turned on their open sign.

But there are many other breweries in neighborhood pockets around Portland that are forging their own history in the present day. Maybe you have heard of Foundation, Lone Pine, Austin Street, Definitive, Rising Tide, Brewery Extrava, or Urban Farm Fermentory?

The guides of The Maine Brew Bus are here to expertly tell their stories on our Walk, Talk, and Taste tours. Each open-air tour is limited to a maximum capacity of seven people to stay within state guidelines for organized groups.

Three different neighborhood locations each with two departures available every day. Choose among the Old Port, East Bayside, and IndustriALE Way itineraries.