Dive deep with the Maine Brew Bus and see what lies beneath the surface!

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Map Marker Pickup & Drop-off Location: Old Port Spirits and Cigars

Adult Ages 21+
Private tour (includes gratuity)


First, we’ll hop on the bus and head to Nonesuch River Brewing Company. Tim Boardman, Michael Schuler, and Jay Gambo founded Nonesuch River Brewing Company with an eye towards creating a community-friendly atmosphere.

Schuler had been homebrewing for close to 20 years when be brought some growlers to share. The beer impressed his friend Boardman who had previously been a commercial brewer. They designed their 5,000-square-foot building inspired by historic New England barn architecture, complete with a tin roof, a spacious front facade, and red siding.

And it’s a full restaurant as well, with a culinary-trained chef at the helm. Learn about how they went so far as to incorporate the literal earth they built upon into their brewpub plan.

Next up, we’ll visit Urban Farm Fermentory. A production center unlike any other, Urban Farm Fermentory focuses on fermentation in all of its wild and untamed glory. Hard cider you’ve surely heard of, but maybe not quite like this: Fresh-pressed local apples, wild-fermented, dry as a bone.

The kombucha is where UFF truly shines and will surely surprise the uninitiated: a fermented tea, this tonic is low in alcohol but high in tart, fruity flavor, mixed with a startling variety of locally-grown herbs and spices. The part of their operation called Gruit is truly an experimental brewing lab.

Here they are producing several alternative styles of beer called gruit. This was once an ancient version of beer that replaces hops with roots, herbs, and other ingredients to create unique flavor combinations. This operation is turning out some truly memorable beverages in East Bayside.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll head over to Hardshore Distilling Company. Established in 2016, this distillery founded by former New York finance manager Jordan Milne produces high-quality gins, including seasonal and special editions.

The distillery is currently focused on producing Hardshore Original Gin, its flagship product. The unique recipe was developed over a period of four years and includes locally grown fresh rosemary and mint, which are unconventional in gin. They were honored as the Best Craft Gin Distillery in 2017 in a nationwide competition sponsored by USA Today.

Snack – Vegetarian hand pie from Union Kitchen, 1 Union Wharf, Portland

Every Saturday 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Note: Please arrive 15 minutes before your tour start time for check-in and to ensure a timely departure.

  • Nonesuch River Brewing
  • Urban Farm Fermentory/Gruit
  • Hardshore Distilling

At the end of the Local Pour Tour, we’ll drop you back off at Old Port Spirits and Cigars, a perfect place to pick something up to indulge in later in the night after exploring lively downtown Portland.

Please note that tour venues and details may change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.